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Feature Release 2018.1.4

Feature Release 2018.1.4

1st September 2018 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

In this release, we add Custom Stylesheets for Login Pages and Projects, Delta Analysis table output and upgrades to the Analysis tool!

Custom Stylesheets

A common feature request from the tabx user base is to allow tabx to cater for greater customisation options. We're pleased to announce a new Custom Stylesheet utility!

In short, Custom Stylesheets allow tabx to be "styled" (visually changed) to better reflect a given brand or scheme. For example, you have a client, "Business X" and you'd like to deliver to them a Survey Data Dashboard using their colours and brand guidelines on both the login page and internally in the user area. Custom Stylsheets allow you to do just this!

Custom Stylesheets for login pages require unique sub-domains, so that tabx knows which styles, colours and images to apply to the login page. Using the above example, to deliver a custom login page to Business X, they'd need a subdomain such as 

Custom Stylesheets are generated by the tabx team as a service who, when given a brand guideline document or any image-based resource pack, will write custom CSS and attach this to your account and any projects that may require specific visual changes.

By using Custom Stylesheets, you can truly deliver a unique survey data anlysis project to your client.

Delta (Column by Column) Analysis

In Market Research, and in particular Trending Analysis, it's often useful to look at how a particular answer category changes either over time or some other break within the dataset (for example region or country). With Delta Analysis, tabx can deliver just that.

To enable Delta Analysis, simply turn the switch to "On" in any chart / table settings dialogue. The Delta Analysis row will be dynamically added to your data table outputs.

Analysis Tool Upgrades

The Analysis tool has been upgraded:

  • Variables are organised by group, with the remainder of variables being organised into a catch-all "Ungrouped" category.
  • The groups are expandable to be able to navigate larger datasets more easily.
  • Filters are now also expandable.
  • Delta Analysis has been added as an output option for batch and bannered cross tables.

Check back on the tabx blog regularly to keep up to date with future feature releases!


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