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Feature Release 2019.1.0

Feature Release 2019.1.0

17th January 2019 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

In this release, tabx has had a substantial increase in performance for larger datasets.

Calculation and Collation Speed

As we are regularly told by our customers, the speed of data interrogation, manipulation and calculation is one of their primary concerns. In a service industry, any time saved among labour activities is a great boon to that service's profitability.

The calculation and collation algorythm in tabx is under constant review, and we are always looking for ways to ensure people wanting to look at larger or trending data do not experience slow-down. Our aim is to keep all possible calculations under one second. In this release we have vastly improved the efficiency of executing large collations and calculations so that tabx can comfortably deal with hundreds of thousands of respondent rows.

Pure Tables

Charts in the Interrogate tool can now be hidden per chart+table window. This allows researchers to focus solely on deep-dive cross tab generation. As with all of tabx's features, this option is a simple on/off switch in the settings for that calculation.

Check back on the tabx blog regularly to keep up to date with future feature releases!


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