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Feature Release 2019.1.10

Feature Release 2019.1.10

5th October 2019 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Our developers set about making some performance upgrades for all device types in the October release.

Performance Upgrades

As we prepare for some larger developments later in the year / in early 2020, our development team have been upgrading the Tabx user interface and charting suite with some advanced performance upgrades.

For those more technically oriented, here's a brief description of the changes we've made:

Tabx has been slowly moving towards proprietary "vanilla" JS code for some time now, a little with each release. As we've bought more expertise into the company, we've been able to make larger leaps with our proprietary code. In the case of some UI interactions, the changes made have bought about an increase in speed of over 200x! Whilst this seems a lot, the previous speed was still only a fraction of a second, so the increase won't be that visible to the naked eye. 

The advantage this affords however, is great. When code is refactored to be this much more efficient, it also frees up resources for us to include more features or streamline the user experience for less powereful devices. Whilst we have outright control of the resource management from a server side perspective, we do not control the devices Tabx is being run on. Therefore, the more efficient we can make Tabx, the better it will run on the lower end - such as mobile phones and tablets.

On the higher end, this also means those wishing to make dashboards that cater for high-resolution displays, containing a lot of charts and dashboard elements can now do so with even greater ease. Interactions in general will feel more "snappy", and animations will appear smoother, all whilst using less memory and resources. 

One additional benefit is also having greater control over our feature set, without having to rely on the maintenance of 3rd party libraries. We can better integrate security updates and adapt to best practices more quickly, as they become generally accepted.

Export to Excel

One of the most highly requested features was to be able to export charts to a native excel "Office Object" that can be copy / pasted into PowerPoint presentations or Word reports and remaining editable. Tabx now supports this export type, and in future versions we will improve the ability to control the branding, look and style of the charts to more closely reflect the Tabx version.

Analysis Tool Upgrades

The Analysis tool has always been at the heart of Tabx, being the place that most utilises the speed our Collation Engine can achieve in the output of huge Crosstabs. The tool itself has recieved some small updates to its UI to encorporate the extended table options that were previously only accessible on the Interrogate and Dashboard tools.

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you'd like to be included in Tabx for your Market Research Survey Analysis and Reporting, please Contact Us.


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