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Feature Release 2019.1.11

Feature Release 2019.1.11

5th November 2019 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Whilst we continue to tinker under the hood, we've also added some small features to the Dashboard and Interrogate tools as well as a new permissions system.

NPS arithmetic calculations

We've added the ability to quickly analyse NPS (Net Promotor Score) questions in both the Interrogate tool and the Dashboard. Here's how it works:

  • NPS questions are defined as Single type questions containing answer categories 0-10 or 1-10. As you can imagine, this means any likert style question containing those same categories will also work.
    • Codes 0-6 are "Detractors"
    • Codes 7-8 are "Passives"
    • Codes 9-10 are "Promotors"
  • The NPS calculation is:
    • (  (COUNT(codes 9 & 10) - COUNT(codes 0-6))  /  100 ) * COUNT(base)
    • Te score can be anywhere from -100 to 100. 

To ensure negative scores can be shown correctly on charts, we've also added a new chart setting: Value Axis Minimum. This will allow users to select a minimum of either -100 or 0 (we just hope you don't need to use the -100!).

Chart rotation

As a small visual upgrade to the dashboards, we've now released an initial version of chart rotation. As the name suggests, this will rotate the entire chart including title, legend and axes, between 0 and 360 degrees in steps of 5 degrees.

This allows users to make vertical line charts, or creative position charts on dashboards that don't necessarily adhere to a grid.

New user permission system

One heavily requested feature has been the ability to control what tools that users within a license could use. For license administrators, we've now added the following permissions:

  • View / use the Interrogate tool
  • View / use the Dashboard tool
  • View / use the Analysis tool
  • Be an Editor (Be able to upload and edit projects)
  • Be "Read Only" (specific to the dashboard tool, restrict the user to view and interact with a dashboard, but not edit any of the cards on that dashboard)

With the read only permission, you can now directly control how users absorb their delivered dashboards. It allows license holders to create a dashboard and limit the available data and filters to only those used on that dashboard.

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you'd like to be included in Tabx for your Market Research Survey Analysis and Reporting, please Contact Us.


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