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Feature Release 2019.1.4

Feature Release 2019.1.4

18th March 2019 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

For this small update, we've rolled out being able to add custom images, text and filter + variable controls to our already efficient dashboard tool.

Custom GFX Dashboard Cards

Often market researchers want to add custom block of text information, or brand images and logos to a dashboard. With a GFX card in tabx's dashboard tool you can now do just that! A simple button click from the sidebar, GFX cards have a plethora of options including font size, weight, colour, background colour, position on the dashboard, size and more. Images are currently restricted to 500px by 500px (and for web-delivered dashboards we'd not reccommend higher) and will auto-resize to the available width of the card.

Filter Controls

Being able to "control" multiple charts and tables within a dashboard from a single selector is one of the most highly requested features to be added to tabx. Now, researchers can sync any chart or table to one or more Filter Controls, that when changed will update the filters for all synced objects. Filter Controls can be a select box (drop down), checkbox list, radio list or slider (best used for date fields like "wave" or "month).

Variable Controls

Just like Filter Controls, Variable Controls allow researchers to sync the chosen analyis or break variable in any chart / table combo to that control. Variable Controls can be either select boxes (drop downs) or an image list(!). The image list allows you to upload an image up to 200px by 200px to every variable in a given group. This is most useful when needing to swap out multiple brands (or competitors) in a chart / table combo.


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