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Feature Release 2019.1.7

Feature Release 2019.1.7

1st July 2019 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

We'll cover releases 2019.1.3, 4 and 7 in this article - all about charts and the brilliant new dashboarding features developed for Tabx.

Dashboards, Dashboards and more Dashboards (literally)

The biggest new feature of the releases to date is the ability for Projects to now contain Unlimited Dashboards. Previously, each Project would come with a single dashboard (however Projects are unlimited). When reviewing user feedback, we found multiple Tabx users had suggested being able to created "Workbooks" or "Stories" like in Tableau, so we set about the task of adding that to Tabx.

Creation of new dashboards is handled, as always, via a single button in the Dashboard tool sidebar. Projects will auto-generate a dashboard if none has been created, so you'll always have something to work with! Change to view any dashboard in your Project in the sidebar too:

Dashboard Switcher Controls

A new Control type has also been added with the onset of multiple Dashboards per Project: The Dashboard Switcher. This simple Control allows a user to navigate through the available Dashboards specific to that user, within the Project:

Read-Only Dashboard Update

We've also included the ability to share ANY dashboard built in Tabx, not just those built by the License Administrator. You'll find the read-only links and passwords for all Dashboards within the new "Dashboard" tab when editing your Project. You're able to remove Dashboards from this tab too:

Data Driven Gauges

Among the new Card types that can be added to Dashboards are Data Driven Gauges (The others being Charts, Tables, Filters Controls, Variable Controls and Dashboard Switchers). Gauges are a special type of chart that focus on one or more answer categories within a variable, and output that selection as a percentage. Currently, Gauges can be semi-circular, or full circles with a full range of customisaton and styling options to make them fit the brand of your client or Project. Gauges are also fully animated, just like all our charts.

Below we have used Gauges in our public POTUS (President of the United States) opinion poll dashboard, showing average satisfaction and approval:

You can view the read only version of this dashboard at: using the Access Key: pK0LQw1AVX

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you'd like to be included in Tabx for your Market Research Survey Analysis and Reporting, please Contact Us.


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