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Feature Release 2020.1.0

Feature Release 2020.1.0

19th February 2020 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Tabx has received multiple visual upgrades, Multi filters and the addition of quick benchmarks.

Visual Upgrades

Tabx has moved to using a newer visual framework, which comes with a number of advantages. Most importantly, mobile device users can expect a more focussed UI and workflow, whilst desktop and laptop users benefit from a more streamlined interface.

The biggest change is to the appearance of the Settings dialogues, used for Chart and Tables, Gauges, Filter and Variable Controls, Text and Graphics Dashboard cards and Dashboard Switchers. The dialogue has been changed to a sidebar in all instances, with tabs positioned in a vertical manner. This helps users be able to quickly see the changes they've been making, as well as providing a better layout for mobile devices.

Multi filters

The boffins behind the Tabx tech have now added the ability for any Multi-type variable to be used as a filter, in exactly the same way as any other variable. When creating a multi, it's as simple as ticking the box for "Use this Multi as a filter". This newly created multi will then be available in any of the projects Chart and Table or Gauge settings dialogues as a filter in the same way as Single type filters before.

Quick Benchmarks

We set out to make the addition of benchmarks to Customer Experience and Tracker charts as quick as humanly possible. The easiest way we could think for users to achieve this, is with a simple text input box where a user can add in a list of integers or decimals, split by commas. The text input box won't accept any other characters (including spaces and new lines) so they don't need to worry about entering something invalid!

It's behaviour is as follows:

  • If a single figure is entered, that figure is used for the benchmark across all current series categories.
  • Users can add as many benchmark figures as they need. Each subsequent benchmark figure will be used for the next category in the series. 
  • If the amount of benchmark figures is less than the amount of series categories, the final benchmark figure will be used for the remaining series categories.
  • To move where a benchmark changes from one value to another, simply enter multiple of the same figure!

In this way users can add a benchmark in seconds - just another way Tabx optimises the researcher's workflow.

Single Figure Benchmark

Multiple Benchmarks

Benchmarks less than total series categories use the last figure

Move where a benchmark shifts value by using the same figure multiple times

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you'd like to be included in Tabx for your Market Research Survey Analysis and Reporting, please Contact Us.


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