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Feature Release 2020.1.3

Feature Release 2020.1.3

20th March 2020 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Dashboards have received some sizing and export options in this release of Tabx - as well as additions to the weighting system!

Dashboard Sizing

Dashboards can now be sized to an absolute amount of pixels wide and high. Scrolling is automatic on dashboards - therefore you can   now specify a large height for a dashboard to be able to create a vertical, report style dashboard. 

When a dashboard is manually sized, it will also centrally align on the page (unless the dashboard is wider than the page itself). This is great for presentation dashboards that might need to be displayed on different device sizes and resolutions.

Dashboard Exports

Along with manual sizing, dashboards can now be exported to three formats: PDF, SVG and PNG. Both PDF and PNG exports will produce a fixed size document. SVG however, will (as the name "Scalable Vector Graphic" suggests) create a file that can be scaled to any resolution - best viewed through a web browser.

Per Chart Weighting

Weighting can now be applied per chart/table combo. The exact weight field and switch for turning weighted data on are both available in the settings dialogue.

More font options for Controls

Text options including font size, font weight, colour, and italics can now be applied to any dashboard filter control, variable control or dashboard switcher control.


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