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Feature Release 2021.2.0

Feature Release 2021.2.0

26th February 2021 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Our first release in 2021 sees the introduction of more productivity enhancements and numerous upgrades to the Tabx user area and chart calculations.

Chart Archive

Chart and table settings can now be stored in a project's archive for later use. This is great for those who find the views on their data they're looking for, but need to clear space in the work area to analyse other data within the project.

The Chart Archive is an extension of the audit capabilities of Tabx: A project can be easily configured to generate an Archived Chart whenever an Excel (Table or Native Office Object) is exported.

Archived Charts take two forms: Direct to Archive and via Export. Users that archive their own charts can manage their group of Archived Charts (per project) without affecting the Archived Charts generated by Excel exports. Only Admin or Editor level users can manage these archived charts.

Multi Component Column %'s

When analysing Multi categorical type variables, the Column % can be calculated in one of two ways. The first uses the base calculated for the entire Multi categorical question - i.e. "Who has been asked ANY of the Single type variable that makes up this Multi?". 

Component %'s instead use the base from each individual Single type variable that makes up a given Multi - i.e. "Who has been asked THIS SINGLE type variable within this Multi?". 

Whilst not common, this allows users to combine any Single type "Multi Friendly" (0 and 1 codes) variables into a Multi, and even if the base is different for every Single type variable within that Multi, the displayed Col % remains accurate to that individual base.

Large File Import

Tabx uses a proprietary format for storing data. This is what makes our collation engine faster than any other product on the market. Tabx now supports large data files > 100mb. Large files are Queued for translation into Tabx, an email being sent as soon as the import is complete.

Auto Update vs Manual Update

A switch has been added in the  Settings Dialogue for Charts and Tables that allows users to turn of automatic update whenever a setting is changed. This is useful in larger datasets - now users can set all  the settings in one action, and update the chart and table manually.

Auto Cache

Whenever a Chart or Table's data is refreshed, those results are now stored in a special cache. Tabx will then check to see if anything has changed since last load, and if not instead of doing another collation operation, it will pull  the data directly from that cache. This makes Dashboards and Charts in larger projects load almost instantly upon opening the toolset. 


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