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Feature Release 2021.6.2

Feature Release 2021.6.2

3rd June 2021 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

June's Tabx release includes an expansion to user project permissions, Batch Multi-type Variable setup and some useful UI improvements.

Project User Access Matrix

To allow Agencies to more granularly manage who can and cannot view or edit a project within Tabx, we've added a fully fledged user access matrix to every project:

Project User Access Matrix

Along with this comes a new set of permissions too:

  • Access
  • Access Type
    • View Only
    • Standard
    • View + Edit
  • Toolset Access

This combination of permissions means Agency Clients can be served anywhere from a fully locked down Dashboard to being able to upload and edit their own projects within Tabx, making client management fast and easy.

Multi-type Variable Batch Definition

We've made setting up projects that contain a large amount of Multi-type variables vastly quicker with the introduction of Batch Management Scripts.

These scripts are actually just excel files with a simple layout to instruct Tabx what constitutes a Multi-type variable in a project. Labels, groups and filter options can all also be set at the same time. This is a huge time saving feature, allowing researchers to get to a deployable project with included Multis in record time.

Read more about Batch Scripts here.

Project Locks

Licenses that contain multiple Projects Administrators often see those users wanting to edit the same project concurrently. This obviously could potentially lead to data conflicts / overwriting, so we've implemented a Porject Lock system that only allows a single user to edit a given project at a time. 

This system is timed, and if the user doesn't interact with the Edit Project screen, they'll be returned to the account page and the project unlocked for other users automatically.

Find & Replace inside Multi Creation Tool

Users reported that a lot of the time spent during project set up was text manipulation within the Multi Creation tool, in the Edit Project suite. For projects where a Batch Script is overkill, we've added the ability to quickly find and replace text within all selected component variables that comprise a Multi. 


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