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Feature Release 2022.6.1

Feature Release 2022.6.1

1st June 2022 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

2022's Summer Tabx Release includes full support of the SSS xml standard for Import, enhanced project organisation and more Significance Tests!

SSS XML Import

Projects can now be uploaded from SSS xml + csv format files, making data transfer from collection tools even easier. 

What's more, the SSS xml standard includes the ability to pre-define Multi-type variables within the xml itself - and Tabx supports that deinifition, negating the need to manually define / Batch Script Multi-type variables from SSS uploads.

We've also encorporated a validation engine to give feedback should the upload fail.

SSS xml upload is sponsored by Merlinco:

Project Organisation

Projects can now be filed into collapsable Project Folders, useful for Agencies who manage a large number of separate clients.

Custom Significance Tests

Whilst Tabx has supported 99% and 95% confidence Significance Tests for a long time, we've now given users the ability to define their own confidence level in any given chart + table where Significance Tests are enabled. 


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