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If I already have an SPSS license, then why should I invest in Tabx too?

9th October 2021 in Blogs by Andy Madeley

SPSS Base, known formally as “IBM SPSS Statistics Base”, is a cornerstone application within the MR industry and personally (and professionally) I can’t do without it! However, it really isn’t a simple market research savvy analysis tool and it’s definitely not a data visualisation tool. SPSS is just one of the applications I use and the reason for writing this article is to share my own best practice advice on using SPSS versus Tabx versus any other applications. I hope you enjoy! Any feedback welcome.

Data quality and data management are always at the heart of any MR or M&E project! I hope you agree!

29th July 2021 in Blogs by Andy Madeley

Even if you don’t agree with the statement within the title of the article wholly, I’d like to think that by the time you have finished reading this article that I’ve been able to twist your arm a little more. Also, please note, as much as my content here relates to my work within the quantitative project world, it is still relatable in parts to the qualitative project world. So, let’s start my sharing my 4 rules surrounding “data quality”. 1 = never assume, 2 = ask questions, 3 = you will always find something wrong, so find it and 4 = build a friendly relationship with the collection scripting team!

Why are companies moving to Microsoft products (Azure DB / Power BI) to showcase their survey results? Maybe they shouldn’t!

16th July 2021 in Blogs by Andy Madeley

Over the years I have been presented with data that is painful to look at! CSV files with no accompanying metadata component is the favourite. Opening the CSV files and then seeing every data record filled with the answer category text, not even code values. Sadly, CSV files are still the primary MR data input source for Azure (the “Data Lake”) and its sidekick, Power BI and this is problematic!

Feature Release 2021.2.0

Feature Release 2021.2.0

26th February 2021 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

Our first release in 2021 sees the introduction of more productivity enhancements and numerous upgrades to the Tabx user area and chart calculations.

Tabx Tips #1: 3d Segmentation

Tabx Tips #1: 3d Segmentation

12th February 2020 in Tutorials by Elliott Barratt

Being able to apply a third dimension when analysing data is a powerful tool in building your segments. In Tabx, it's just a few clicks - here's how.

How to analyse trends in survey data

How to analyse trends in survey data

25th January 2020 in Tutorials by Elliott Barratt

Tabx has powerful and fast tools to allow researchers to spot, analyse and visualize trends in survey data. Perfect for tracker projects, use the mean average and index calculations for brand awareness, customer satisfaction, CX and more.

How to Analyse Survey Data - The Tabx Workflow

How to Analyse Survey Data - The Tabx Workflow

15th August 2019 in Tutorials by Elliott Barratt

Tabx is designed to get your data from collection and QC to being delivered as quickly as possible. In this article we explore the main workflows that are executed in Tabx.

How to structure SPSS files for Analysis

How to structure SPSS files for Analysis

17th July 2019 in Tutorials by Elliott Barratt

To get the most from Tabx and spend as little time as possible in project setup, correctly structured SPSS files can help you get to insight faster.

Feature Release 2018.1.4

Feature Release 2018.1.4

1st September 2018 in Feature Releases by Elliott Barratt

In this release, we add Custom Stylesheets for Login Pages and Projects, Delta Analysis table output and upgrades to the Analysis tool!


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