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Tabx Change Log

Every Tabx license (including free-tier licenses) benefit from continous software upgrades implemented multiple times per year. We don't charge you for the latest versions; you get them automatically and without having to install any software!


Whilst we continue to tinker under the hood, we've also added some small features to the Dashboard and Interrogate tools as well as a new permissions system.

- Add a full user permissions systems
- Added Chart rotation setting in chart visuals dialogue
- Added NPS calculations in the Quick Arithmetic settings for charts.
- Bug fixes
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For our October release, we've improved performance ready for the next major releases.

- Refactor and Upgrade client side code.
- Added export to Native Office Chart
- Improved Analysis Tool user interface
- Added extended Table options (Col % Delta's, Absolute N inclusion) to analysis crosstabs
- Bug fixes
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For our August release, we've massivley upgraded Tabx's data processing capability

- Derive individual answer categories into a new variable from multiple source variables ("recodes" in SPSS)
- Added ability to NET scalar variables from multiple scalar variable sources
- Enhanced "Duplicate Derived Variable" feature
- Tabx auto-generates new Derived multi-type variables if needed
- Bug fixes
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In the largest release of the year to date, projects can now contain unlimited dashboards, which themselves have had a healthy does of features added.

- Added multiple dashboard functionality
- Reworked the Dashboard Sidebar for better usability and responsiveness
- Added dashboard management options in the Edit Project page
- Added ability to duplicate dashboards (to the same or different users within a license)
- Added ability to move ownership of dashboards to other users within a license
- Added a Dashboard Switcher Control, allowing a user to move between Dashboards from the Dashboards themselves
- Small improvements to Dashboard GFX, Controls and Gauges
- Gauges can now be filtered and sync to filter controls
- Added a dashboard layering system for Charts, Tables, Gauges, Controls and GFX
- Added a selection of alignment grids for Dashboard Cards
- Added Dashboard Card size and position indicators when resizing / moving Dashboard Cards
- Added Column % delta and Absolute N numbers switches for table outputs
- Modified all colour inputs to accept RGB by default, or #hex codes when pasted in
- Added transparency options for all Dashboard Cards (via using rgba(0,0,0,0) in colour input boxes)
- Added "Center Aligned Bar" and "Center Aligned Column" chart types
- Added ability to view series deltas on chart
- Added host of table viisual settings including font size and colours, cell padding, and hising table sections
- Bug fixes
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In this realease dashboards continue to be improved with the addition of Gauges and more highly flexible GFX options.

- Added data driven Gauges to dashboards
- Added a WYSIWYG editor to Text / Image GFX
- Added Font Awesome icons to Text / Image GFX
- Added support for negative answer category codes
- Bug fixes


As well as a new look and feel for the User Area, Interrogate Tool, Dashboard Tool and Analysis Tool, we've added a huge number of customisation options to charts..

- Added over 20 more customisation features to Charts
- Added more customisation options to Variable + Filter Controls (Dashboard)
- Added more customisation options to Text/Image GFX (Dashboard)
- Bug fixes


For this small update, we've rolled out being able to add custom images, text and filter + variable controls to our already efficient dashboard tool.

- Add GFX cards to Dashboard
- Add Filter Controls to Dashboard
- Add Variable Controls to Dashboard
- Bug fixes


In the second release of the year, we've included a demonstration project live and set up for every license. The demo project contains examples of Multi type variables and Derived Variables and is set up so that researchers can see how a sample project is constructed.

We've also added "Read Only" dashboards - using a specific link and passcode, any license can provide a read only dashboard to clients. People using the read only version can still interact with the charts and tables on that dashboard, but the functionality is limited to export only.

- Demonstration Project
- Read Only dashboard links for all projects
- Bug fixes


In our first 2019 update, we've made some major performance improvements to our already lightning fast data collation engine!

- Improved performance on larger dataset (100,000 rows+)
- Improved performance for larger Multi/Multi calculations
- Added "Per WIndow" ability to hide/show charts
- Bug fixes


- Added Custom Style Sheets for Projects
- Added Custom Style Sheets for Login Pages
- Added Delta (Column by Column) analysis option for Row Percentages and Absolute Values on tables.
- Updated Analysis Tool to organise Variables by Group.
- Added feature to add and remove charts and tables dynamically.
- Bug fixes


- Added "View Average" to Interrogate and Dashboard Tools
- Added subdomain logins for custom client login pages and tabx themes
- Performance Enhancements for Chart and Dashboard tools on mobile devices
- Added feature to add / remove charts and tables on Interrogate and Dashboard Tools
- Added feature transpose charts and tables on Interrogate and Dashboard Tools
- Bug fixes


- Enhanced Derived Variable facilities (Answer Code Counts, Multis, Group Assignment, Empty Variables and more)
- Improvements to Table formatting (Significance Test Highlighting and more)
- Added Column Percentages to the Total Column on Tables
- Added option to show 95% and 99% Significance Testing
- Performance Enhancements for Chart and Dashboard Loading
- Bug fixes


- Added Variable Derivatives (Generate Nets) to Project Management
- Added ability to select Variables by Group to Analysis
- Enhanced export - Excel formatting
- Added "Answer Sets" to Projects
- Added "Brands" to Projects
- Bug fixes


- Added the ability to add default chart colours to brands.
- Added more information about the data uploaded (respondent count total and per data append)
- Improved sidebar behaviour on Interrogate and Dashboard tools
- Improved text wrapping on long chart titles
- Enabled re-sizing of charts and tables from all sides on the Dashboard tool
- Increased the project group names text limit to 150 characters
- Improved special encoded character recognition
- Improved Answer Set application functionality
- Added colour coded and checkbox items to chart legends
- Bug fixes

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