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Tabx Change Log

Every Tabx license (including free-tier licenses) benefit from continous software upgrades implemented multiple times per year. We don't charge you for the latest versions; you get them automatically and without having to install any software!


2022's Summer Tabx Release includes full support of the SSS xml standard for Import, enhanced project organisation and more Significance Tests!


With the success of March's Multi Batch Management tool, we've added an enhanced general Batch Script Automation tool, as well as a weight field generation tool in our ever expanding suite of data processing tools!


The Tabx Autumn release sees our technology move to dedicated database solutions, and some small quality of life UI improvements.



Our first release in 2021 sees the introduction of more productivity enhancements and numerous upgrades to the Tabx user area and chart calculations.


We've added some creature comforts in our first round of user-feedback driven developments this year.


Dashboards have received some sizing and export options in this release of Tabx - as well as additions to the weighting system!


Tabx has received multiple visual upgrades, Multi filters and the addition of quick benchmarks.


Whilst we continue to tinker under the hood, we've also added some small features to the Dashboard and Interrogate tools as well as a new permissions system.


For our October release, we've improved performance ready for the next major releases.


For our August release, we've massivley upgraded Tabx's data processing capability


In the largest release of the year to date, projects can now contain unlimited dashboards, which themselves have had a healthy does of features added.


In this realease dashboards continue to be improved with the addition of Gauges and more highly flexible GFX options.


As well as a new look and feel for the User Area, Interrogate Tool, Dashboard Tool and Analysis Tool, we've added a huge number of customisation options to charts..


For this small update, we've rolled out being able to add custom images, text and filter + variable controls to our already efficient dashboard tool.


In the second release of the year, we've included a demonstration project live and set up for every license. The demo project contains examples of Multi type variables and Derived Variables and is set up so that researchers can see how a sample project is constructed.

We've also added "Read Only" dashboards - using a specific link and passcode, any license can provide a read only dashboard to clients. People using the read only version can still interact with the charts and tables on that dashboard, but the functionality is limited to export only.


In our first 2019 update, we've made some major performance improvements to our already lightning fast data collation engine!






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