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Cloud Technology

The Tabx technology stack enables secure work from any location on any web capable device.

Active Users

Active Users

We understand that a project has a limited life-span, that's why with Tabx, an Active User can be replaced or modified at any time to suit the needs of your business and your clients, without paying for users you don't need.

Web Technologies

Tabx utilizes cutting edge web technologies to ensure a fast, reliable and flexible working environment wherever you are and on any web capable smart device. Switch from a home computer, to a smart phone on the move to an office tablet seamlessly. Try yourself by registering for a free license.

Safe Work Flow

Uploading data, Project and User management, Table and Dashboard Configuration are all saved automatically as you work. There are no save files or data connections in Tabx, the web based work flow removes the need for bloated, out-dated software installs.

Easy Administration

The administration interface is designed to allow managers efficient power to grant access to both internal users and external clients with a simple permission based system. Assign Projects, Users, Brands and Editors all with ease.

Register Free

Lifetime license, 1000 rows / 200 variables per project, 2 project slots.

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