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Complete Crosstab Analysis Software

Crosstab Analysis Software (bannered table software) is used to analyze market research survey data to find insights in that data. Crosstabs are widely used as the building block for market research reporting - choosing the best crosstab software is crucial to save time, money and stress.

Existing Crosstab analysis software solutions

Software that can output crosstabs include: SPSS Statistics, mTabs, Market Sight, Survey Reporter and Quantum. Most of these tools require specialist programmers or knowledge of a scripting language to use. Some of these packages also include a huge amount of functionality not needed in crosstab generation, and their price reflects this.

Example Crosstab
An example crosstab

Tabx Analysis tool, a modern crosstab analysis generator built for researchers.

Tabx is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, batch crosstab generation tool in the market research industry. It's lightning collation engine can crunch through large datasets in seconds, all without requiring advanced scripts. At the single click of a button, you can include:

  • Unlimited analysis variables (Y axis)
  • Unlimited break / banner variables (X axis)
  • Unlimited subset variables (Y axis)
  • Absolute N numbers
  • Absolute N number delta's (N change)
  • Column percentages
  • Column percentage delta's (% change)
  • Row percentages
  • Row percentage delta's (% change)
  • 95% and 99% Significance testing
  • Low value warnings
  • Unlimited filters
  • Weighted data
  • Base outputs
  • + more!

Example Crosstab
A well structured, complete crosstab built in Tabx. Download an example excel output crosstab here.

Output crosstabs for free

Lifetime license, 1000 rows, 200 variables, 2 projects.

Compare Crosstab software

Can generate large reports quickly (e.g., crosstabs)
Cloud based technology (use on any web capable device)
Automated setup and configuration
Designed for Market Researchers
Anyone can update and automate reports in-house
"One Click" table analyses
Free support with a Market Research expert (business days)
Anyone can set up the data for the analysis

Supprted Partially Supprted / more work needed Not supported.

Tabx is built by Market Research experts to be a complete solution for Agencies and Brands alike, empowering researchers to gain quick access to insight and the story in their data.

Questions asked about crosstab analysis software.

How do I produce large numbers of crosstabs quicky?

Tabx uses a "One Click" interface so that most operations take seconds to setup and run. Tabx has the fastest output of crosstabs in the industry, being based on a proprietary Collation Engine built specifically for analysis and reporting of market research survey data. Watch a video of a raw SPSS file upload to output crosstab in less than 60 seconds.

How do I know what data is statistically significant?

Including significance tests in Tabx is as easy as the click of a button. Users can add 95% and 99% tests to see if data in a given cell is significantly larger than the cells around it. The process is fully automated and requires no configuration or setup.

How do I include trending analysis in my crosstab?

Spotting trends is crucial in tracking projects and getting access to that information quickly can be ahuge benefit. Tabx crosstabs can include "Delta" analysis cells that show how values change from one category to the next. With deltas, Month on Month, percentage change over time and growth trends are simple to include.

Can I easily add more banners (breaks)?

Tabx projects allow variables to be quickly grouped. When outputting crosstab, groups of variables can be selected as banners (breaks) in seconds. Need to add more? Add / remove as many banners as you want at the click of a button.

Can I create charts and visualizations?

Tabx tables are paired with a chart by default. In our Dashboard and Interrogate tools, you can quickly and easily create data driven stories or extract insight from your data.

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Lifetime license, 1000 rows / 200 variables per project, 2 project slots.

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