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Survey Analysis, Reporting and Cross Tabs

Tabx has been built to empower market research agencies, one-man-bands and brand research teams to improve their survey data analysis work flow and deliver flexible, customised projects and reports to their clients.

Connect to your Survey Data

The Tabx work flow can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend handling data and constructing reports.


Choose your data file and quickly construct your project. Upload SPSS or CSV data; within a few clicks, your project is ready.


Create charts and rapidly generate tabular analysis (bannered cross-tabs). The Tabx tool set is a refreshing change from out-dated, heavy software.


Output files, create embeddable, interactive data visualizations or construct easy-to-digest reports for your boss or your client.

See the full feature list here.

Extract Insight with the Interrogate Tool

Apply significance tests (95% & 99%), filters, subsets, weights, directional percentages, moving deltas, averages and transposes at the flick of a switch. With a unique and fast work flow to configure charts and tables, Market Researchers can save time and focus on drawing insight from their survey data. Try yourself by registering for a free license.

Automate Survey Data Analysis

Export Analysis Elements for Client Reports

Export lossless image charts and native excel data tables at any time, ready for use in construction of client reports. Brand these exports with an easy to use branding suite. See Client Branding for more information or see the full feature list here.

Batch Export Cross Tables with the Analysis Tool

Batch Export Cross Tables with the Analysis Tool

For Market Researchers who just want to crunch numbers into a useful and well laid out format, the Analysis tool enables users to quickly configure and export Bannered Cross Tables directly to Excel, complete with native cell number types and merging. See the full feature list here.

Register Free

Lifetime license, 1000 rows / 200 variables per project, 2 project slots.

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