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Data Processing & Project Management

Data upload, configuration and processing is quick and intuitive in Tabx.

Multi Response Variables

Combine any single type variables into usable Multi type variables quickly and easily. For projects with high amounts of Multi type variables to define, using Answer Sets will quicken the process, thus enabling Market Researchers to get to the Analysis stage quicker.

User Derived Variables

Create Variable Nets, Recodes and Derived Variables with ease in a point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface. See a running respondent count as the Derived Variable is created; duplicate, edit and group Derived Variables like any other variable in the project.

Meta Data

The Tabx project configuration process is designed to allow Market Researchers the ability to get to Analysis, Interrogation and Dashboard creation in the shortest time possible. One-click controls allows Variable information to be updated quickly. Edit Labels, define Filters and Subsets, group variables and more.

Appending Data

Upload, remove, manage and append data to a project at any time using pre-generated template files unique to your project. Keep trending data alive on pre-configured dashboards that automatically update with each data append.

Generate Weights

Easily generate weight fields through marginal distribution. Apply a different weight field to any chart or table within your project with a simple switch. Pre-generated weight fields are automatically imported from your source data.

Batch Script Automation

Tabx project configuration is made extremely efficient by an intuitive, excel based batch script automation system allowing users to perform most data processing and meta data changes in one lightning fast operation.

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