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We work tirelessly with our client base to ensure the most useful and requested features are added regularly. Got an idea? Let us know!

For unrestricted usage limits, unlimited projects, unlimited dashboards and lifetime upgrades*:

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What are Active Users?
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*Lifetime upgrades available only with a continually paid license.

**For more than 20 Active Users, please contact us for a quote on an enterprise license. Please note: Additional Active Users may be purchased at any time, pro-rata'd to your license expiry date.

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Lifetime license, 1000 rows / 200 variables per project, 2 project slots.

How do Users work?

Active Users

An Active User is the basic building block of your license fee, and represents a "slot" that multiple people may inhabit over the lifetime of your license. They can:

  • Be assigned to any number of projects within your license.
  • Use the Interrogate, Dashboard and Analysis tools without restriction.
  • Export Charts or Tables without restriction.
  • If set as an "Editor" (At no extra cost), an Active User can upload, append-to and edit projects.
  • Be assigned to a new person at any time, through the administration interface.

For example, MR Experts Ltd buys a Tabx license with 5 Active Users. In month 1, they upload Project 1 for Client A and use 3 of their 5 Active Users to give to Client A, assigning each Active User to one person within Client A's company and to the uploaded Project 1.

In month 2, MR Experts Ltd uploads Project 2 for Client B and uses the remaining 2 of their 5 Active Users to give to Client B, assigning each Active User to one person within Client B's company and to the uploaded Project 2.

In month 3, it becomes apparent that Client A does not need 3 Active Users, and MR Experts Ltd would like to use 1 of those 3 to give to Client C to demo Tabx with hopes to sell another project. 1 of the 3 Active Users is immediately re-assigned to a person in Client C at no extra cost.

Access Keys & Read Only Users

A unique access code can be generated for any dashboard. This Access code can be distributed, granting Read Only access to the Dashboard tool. When in Read Only mode, a user:

  • Can view the Dashboard tool.
  • Cannot use the Interrogate or Analysis Tools.
  • Can Export Charts and Tables.
  • Cannot change any Chart or Table Settings (including movement / resizing).
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