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Source Licenses

The Tabx software uses the following open-source / free code and associated licenses:

The Tabx software uses the following open source / proprietary code and associated licenses:

Tabx source code

Tabx provides all javascript code under the GNU GPL V3 license. Our javascript is merely an interface layer to communicate to our servers, implementing the above software libraries, and does not provide any data collation functionality. This javascript can be freely accessed in the source under any webpage on

The Tabx server code - outside of the softwares listed above - is proprietary, however we disclose all actions it takes below. This code is what provides value to our customers, and whilst we will not freely release this code, we will stand by our statement that this unreleased code does not in any way execute anything other than the functionality of the Tabx toolset, and does not and will not infringe on any personal rights or personal data rights of the users. It will not collect any data outside of what we disclose in the Privacy Statement. We have endeavoured to use free (freedom) code libraries where possible to ensure our users may better understand the program and it's execution. The functionality of the Tabx toolset is strictly limited to:

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