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Gauge Configuration in Tabx


What are Gauges?

Gauges are a special type of circular chart that focus on one or more answer categories within a single variable, and output that selection as a percentage.

Gauge Configuration

To open the settings dialogue for a Gauge, click the  Settings button on the Gauge you wish to edit, at the top right of the Gauge Card.

Gauge configuration allows you to:

  • Change Variable Settings:
    • The Group where the chosen Variable resides.
    • The chosen Variable - only Single and Multi type (Not scalar) variables can be chosen for use in Gauges.
    • The selected Answers - For single-type variables (SC) you can select one or more answer categories, and the resulting percentage output will be the combination of those selected. For multi-type variables, only one answer category may be selected.
  • Change the Gauge Settings:
    • Toggle Weighted Data.
    • Selected the Gauge Type:
      • Radial Half Circle.
      • Radial Full Circle.
    • Toggle Animation Direction:
      • Left to Right (Default).
      • Right to Left.
    • Select the Gauge Background Colour.
  • Change Value Axis Settings:
    • Toggle the Value Axis.
    • Select the Position of the axis:
      • Outside the arc.
      • Inside the arc.
    • Define the Value Axis Font Settings.
  • Check the Value Mark Settings:
    • Toggle the Value Mark.
    • Define the Value Mark Font Settings.
  • Change the Arc Bar Settings:
    • Select the bar End Shape:
      • Square
      • Rounded
    • Select the Bar Width (Thickness).
    • Select the Bar Colour.
    • Select the Bar Background Colour.
  • Filter the calculated data in the Filters & Controls tab.
  • Sync the Gauge to a Filter Control on the Dashboard on the Filters and Controls tab.

Removing Gauges from a Dashboard

To remove a Gauge from a Dashboard:

  • Click the  Settings button on the Gauge you wish to remove.
  • Browse to the  Options tab
  • Click the  Remove Control button.

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